Baby Blue: What to know about its new skin care formula

The company’s baby blue skin care, the first of its kind, is being touted as a “natural skin care product” and is meant to offer a “balanced, natural formula that combines the benefits of the best skin care ingredients.”

The company says its formula is formulated to “maximize skin’s natural moisture production and hydration,” which will help “create healthy, radiant skin.”

But in a review of the product, the British cosmetics industry trade body Skin Cancer UK says that it’s not clear whether the new skin cream will actually have a similar effect.

The UK body has previously questioned the safety of the new formula and warned that it might cause allergic reactions, but has yet to make a ruling on the product.

The body said it was not “able to independently assess the safety and efficacy of the skin cream.”

Baby Blue, which is part of the Cosmetics, Body and Health brand, has been a fixture in the beauty world for more than a decade.

The company is owned by Cosmetics UK, a subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies.

The firm launched a new skin-care line in 2016, and the new product is expected to hit stores in late 2019.


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