Baby shark video – Baby German Shepherd

Baby German Shepherds are in the news because of the video that shows a baby German Shepherd attacking a baby shark.

It was uploaded on Sunday and has now been viewed over 1.4 million times.

It shows a young girl who is holding a baby german shepherds back.

The video is taken on September 23.

The girl is wearing a blue shirt with the slogan ‘Bundes kommandanten’ – “German Shepherd” in blue letters on the back.

Shepherd is the official name for the breed.

The footage was taken on a beach in Berlin, where the family of the young girl was relaxing.

The girl, who was taken by a group of tourists to the beach, was approached by a male shepherd and then attacked.

The dog is then seen to walk away and the family are heard saying “Bunds kommando”.

The video shows the family laughing.

A video was also uploaded on Monday showing a dog attacked by a shark off the coast of Tasmania, which is the same region where the baby shark was captured.

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