Why Baby Ferrets Are Cool (And Not That Cool)

Baby ferrets are cute and adorable, but they’re also quite the pest for their tiny little owners.

Here’s why.

Baby ferret owners may have to make the tough decision of whether or not to keep a ferret for the foreseeable future.

Baby ferrets may have a long and checkered past in the pet industry.

According to a recent Associated Press article, some pet owners have complained that ferrets have chewed up pet supplies and killed pets.

In 2014, a Florida woman named Lourdes Hernandez filed a lawsuit claiming that a ferreter killed her and her baby son.

The lawsuit stated that when the ferret “went crazy” and began eating the baby’s food, she jumped out of the car and jumped into the street to hide from it.

A police report stated that she also jumped out a second time and chased the ferreting animal.

Hernandez claims that she jumped into a ditch because the ferrenter had taken the baby and ran away.

In a statement to ABC News, Lourds attorneys said the ferrets were not responsible for the death of the family dog.

According to the AP, Hernandez told the news outlet that she had never seen a ferrete before and that she did not know how they got to her dog.

Hernandez, who also lives in Florida, told the AP that the ferrete was also “very aggressive” and “chewed through everything.”

Hernandez was seeking $20,000 in damages for negligence, according to the Associated Press.

H/T AP | Photo Credit: AP

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