A new shampoo with antibacterial properties helps baby shampoo save face

Baby shampoo with a special antibacterial formula has helped save the lives of more than 100 people from sepsis in the past three years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The shampoo’s antibacterial ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate and hydroxyethylcellulose, help fight bacteria, staphylococcus aureus, and other infections, the CDC said in a statement.

The formula, which the agency says is now in use at hospitals across the country, is designed to be used by people younger than two, who are more likely to get sepsi infections.

The product is currently being tested in hospitals, and is currently available at drugstores and specialty pharmacies.

It’s a rare occurrence for an antibacterial shampoo to be available for people younger, but the results were encouraging, according the CDC.

Researchers from the CDC and the University of Maryland Medical Center studied the effectiveness of the formula at a hospital in Houston, Texas, between March and June of 2016.

The researchers found that it was able to help save people’s lives, and they’re hoping to expand the trial to other hospitals, where the formula could be used in the future.

The agency said the results of the trial showed that the antibacterial formulas have a significant safety benefit, and that there are still some questions about how much they work and whether they will continue to work for people.

“This study demonstrates that antibacterial product formulations can help prevent sepsic shock and infections in people younger and older than two years old,” the CDC statement said.

The news comes as the U.S. continues to see a spike in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with some states seeing an increase of 10 percent in cases of bloodstream infections over the past year.

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