‘Babysitter’ baby goat gets ‘baby’ title A ‘babysitting’ baby pig got a new baby, after a piggyback ride. Read more

“I am proud of him for being so brave and bravely trying to get me up, and he did a great job,” Ms Matson said.

“It was really hard to watch him being scared and he didn’t do anything to help him.”

Ms Mazer said the baby goat had been named after a friend, and had been adopted from the city’s pig farm.

The pig farm was set up in the 1800s by one of Melbourne’s founding families, and it had operated since the late 19th century.

The farm has a reputation for producing a variety of pig breeds, including the Australian and pig-style goats.

“He’s one of the first babies that we’ve had since he’s been born,” Ms Zegers said.

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