Bus company is buying up baby bus companies, with baby bus maker joining the group

Google’s baby bus company, BabyBus, has joined the ranks of the baby bus brands in the US and UK, with the announcement that it will buy up baby buses from the makers of BabyBus 2 and BabyBus 3. 

“We have been impressed by BabyBus’s growing portfolio of brands and the great opportunities they are providing for our customers,” said David Gorman, co-founder and CEO of BabyBuses. 

The acquisition comes just weeks after BabyBus announced it would be moving its headquarters from New York to Austin, Texas, where it will build its own self-driving bus fleet. 

BabyBus will also be buying up the other two BabyBus brands, BabyBots and BabyBuss. 

With the move, Baby Bus has become a subsidiary of Alphabet, Alphabet’s parent company, as well as a member of Google’s parent corporation Alphabet. 

Google said it will continue to partner with BabyBus on new business ventures, including helping to build a network of autonomous, connected baby bus fleets in urban areas around the world. 

Babies are not the only ones to benefit from the acquisition. 

Earlier this month, Google said it had acquired the mapping software company Maps for $3.5 billion, bringing its global mapping division to the point where it could become a major player in the global economy. 

Last year, Google also bought up a number of other baby bus and bus-related companies. 

While the purchase of Baby Bus and its parent company doesn’t appear to be imminent, it may be an indication of how Google views the future of its self-driven bus ambitions. 

In addition to BabyBus and its three parent companies, Alphabet also owns a number the companies mentioned above: Google Maps, Google Maps Enterprise, and Google Maps Home. 

For more on Google’s self-led search engine, watch the YouTube video above.

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