How to hide your baby’s birthmark on baby registry

Nicki Minaj baby has the most interesting birthmark in the world.

The songstress shared the details of her birthmark to the public on Monday.

Minaj has a unique combination of blue and red dots.

She wrote, “I am sooo lucky that my baby’s mother is so sweet.

I wish I had the perfect birthmark.

But I do have this one that is pretty cool.

It’s like a big diamond.”

Minaj wrote, I am so lucky that your baby is so good to you.

You made me a little angel, she wrote, and it made me cry so much.

I know you love me, she added.

I don’t want you to cry.

I love you, she continued.

I just wish you would get a tattoo.

A tattoo?

I have to do a tattoo!

She also shared a photo of her tattooed arm.

She captioned it, “A tattoo for the man who’s got the most baby.”

The songwriter went on to share a photo that features her baby, as well as the words, “Your baby.”

This baby is awesome!

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