When the NHL decides to start a baby rat program, there’s a new hashtag: #muppetrats

Muppet babies and baby rat mascots have been everywhere over the years, but this year they’re about to get their own official hashtag: “muppet babies” and “baby rat.”

A league official said Thursday that the #muppets and #babyrats hashtags will go into effect on Sunday, the same day as the start of the new NHL season.

There will be a time period when a team can only have one hashtag, which is usually around a game.

But the official said teams will still be allowed to have two or more hashtags, with the new ones starting at 4 p.m.


“You’ve got to give us credit for doing the right thing here,” the official told ESPN.

“If it was us in this business, we would never allow this to happen.

I don’t know how they’d ever manage it.”

The official said that a number of different hashtags are possible for each team, including #theslut, #tuesdaysmuppet, #thelastmuppet and #metsbabies.

The official did not offer any specific hashtags or when they would start.

“They’re all going to be trending,” the source said.

“It will be the same way it was before, where it’s the #tuesdaymuppet or the #twilightmuppet.

You have to be on the lookout for the ones that are going to do it.”

There’s a little bit of an issue with hashtags being tagged on Twitter and Instagram, the official added.

“There’s definitely a bit of a confusion with hashtag tagging on Twitter, as well as Instagram, so the teams are going be doing their own due diligence with what they’re doing,” the league official told the Associated Press.

“But I think the biggest thing we want to make sure of is that this isn’t a big deal for the fans and the players.”

The commissioner’s office said in February that it was considering the hashtag idea.

“It’s not something that is new,” the commissioner said.

The hashtag could be part of a trend, though.

The #MuppetCatch is a parody Twitter account where fans can tag any NHL team in their feed with their favorite mascot, which can include the #Muppets or #babyrat.

The account has about 2,400 followers.

“We have the ability to use hashtags as part of the game plan,” the NHL said in March.

“We don’t have to limit that to one specific hashtag, and I think that’s the important thing with this.”

“There are some teams who would like to use it for specific reasons, but I think it’s something that could be used for fans, for players and for teams.”

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