What you need to know about baby bearded dragon, the baby cat, and the Black Lives Matter movement

By now, you’ve probably seen the footage of the Black baby bearded dragons being attacked by the cops.

The young mother and her two sons were sitting in the front seat of their car when a cop approached the car, apparently with the intent of using a stun gun.

The mother said the cop threatened her and her children with a baton and that he had broken the back window.

The baby bearded Dragon, which was in the car at the time, ran into the car and was hit by a police car.

It was taken to a hospital where it was later pronounced dead. 

The police department in Birmingham, Alabama, has since issued a statement condemning the attack on the baby bearded and saying that “this kind of behavior is not acceptable in the city of Birmingham.”

“As an agency, we stand firmly behind our officers in the fight against crime and will do everything we can to ensure that these types of incidents do not occur again,” the statement read.

“The Black Lives Matters movement has taken an important and growing stand by supporting the Black family and our officers.” 

The Black lives matter movement is now calling for an investigation into the attack.

The organization said that the incident “shows that we are tired of the police killing our children and we want justice.”

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