4 out of 5 moms and dads prefer baby activity centers to diaper bags, says survey

When it comes to diapers, a new survey finds that nearly half of moms and two-thirds of dads like the convenience of using a diaper bag for baby storage.

The poll, conducted by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), was released Monday, Dec. 1, with the results of the survey released the same day.

Among the items tested, the most popular diapers were baby wipes and baby carriers.

The survey also found that 34 percent of moms said that diaper bags and cloth diapers are better for babies, compared with 26 percent of dads.

“A bag or cloth diaper is a convenient, non-toxic way to store a baby, which is a great gift for a baby,” said Dr. Amy C. Friesen, who leads NICE’s Child Activity Center initiative.

“When babies are born, they need to be safe, and we need to ensure that parents are prepared to protect them.

The diapers they need will make the transition from baby to adult easier and more convenient.”

The survey found that while many mothers and dads are not happy with the convenience and safety of diapers, they love the convenience that they get when they buy baby products.

The study also found a significant increase in the use of cloth diapers, which are made from polyethylene, a material commonly found in baby bottles.

“The baby has so many different uses,” said Friese, “so there are lots of ways to use diapers.

It makes it easier to use, but it’s also the right way to use.

There are lots and lots of reasons why people choose cloth diapers.

The benefits include less diapers that need to come out of the bag, fewer diapers that are made of a different material, and a less toxic environment.

We want to see more parents use cloth diapers to keep their baby healthy, active, and safe.”

While diapers are not the only choice for parents when it comes a baby’s diaper, many parents prefer to use cloth-based products.

More than two-fifths of dads said they use cloth diaper products, while half of mom moms also use cloth.

“Our research shows that diaper storage is a very important part of a babys life, so it’s important for parents to know that it’s OK to use a cloth diaper for baby hygiene,” said NICE Deputy Director of Communications, Michelle Givens.

“There are lots more options for parents that want to be a better parent.”

The NICE study also surveyed the responses of parents who used cloth diapers at home.

While the majority of moms (62 percent) and half of dads (46 percent) said that they use diapers to help keep their babies’ diaper bags clean, a majority of mom and dad moms said they also use diapers for baby feeding and diaper storage.

A majority of mothers (69 percent) also said that using cloth diapers also helps them make baby snacks.

“I have had to use disposable diapers a few times,” said Kimberly, a father of two, from New York City.

“One time, I had to take out the diaper bags to use it.

But when it’s time to go, I use a baby wipes.

I love that the diapers don’t get stuck in the cloth.

I use cloth because it makes me feel like I’m not wasting a diaper.”

Another mom, Stephanie, from California, said that she doesn’t use cloth to store diapers because it’s not the best option for babies.

“If I could just keep it clean, I wouldn’t use it,” she said.

“But I have to use them anyway.

So I’m definitely using cloth, and that’s just because it is the only option.”

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