Which baby shark songs are best for crying baby?

There are several baby shark tunes on Amazon.com.

Some are cute, some are sad, some might make you laugh, and some might be a little too serious.

Baby rabbit is a catchy song that you may want to download if you have a baby.

Cry baby is a cute song you may not want to listen to if you are crying baby, but if you do, then you might enjoy the song.

AmazonBaby registry also has baby rabbit and cry baby tunes for your ears.

If you have no interest in singing, but you are just curious, you might want to check out the Amazon Baby song catalog. 

If you are looking for something a little different, you can download a few baby shark sounds, such as baby monkey, baby roach and baby monkey on fire. 

Baby shark sounds are available for free on AmazonBaby.com and AmazonBabyBaby.net.

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