The first-ever child born on a robot has been born at the Atlanta Falcons training facility

The first child born to a robot at the Georgia Dome has been named, and his name is Ergo Baby.

The new baby was born on Thursday, and was named after the robot that makes it possible for a baby to be born on an airplane.

The first-born baby, named Ergo, weighed just under 2 pounds and weighed about 10 ounces.

Ergo was born during the Falcons’ training camp at their facility in Atlanta, according to the team.

“This is really exciting for our team and our fans,” Falcons head coach Dan Quinn said in a statement.

“I’ve always been very proud of the Falcons and our team.

I’m very happy that Ergo is joining us and I look forward to seeing him play for us this year.

We’ve got a great group of guys, and we have a great family.”

Ergo is the first baby born on the Falcons artificial turf.

The team has been training on the artificial turf since May.

They are also using an indoor artificial turf field for the first time.

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