Baby otter born, mom on the way

Baby otters are making their way back to the ocean after more than 100 years of captivity, thanks to an unexpected baby girl.

Read more The adorable little otter was born in a backyard in the Catskills, New York, area last weekend, according to a Facebook post by her mother, Kim Anderson, who describes the little girl as “the most beautiful baby otters I have ever seen”.

Baby Otter on a Mission: Baby Otter’s Mission to Save the WorldBaby otters have been captured from the wild and kept captive in Japan, Malaysia and China, where they are considered a delicacy and prized delicacy in some parts of the world.

The otters were rescued in 2016 after they were caught with their tails down, and in 2017, the Otter Sanctuary in Japan released a video showing the otters being held captive.

“This was a wonderful moment for us,” Anderson told CNN.

“We have no idea what it’s going to take for them to return home, but this is a good opportunity for us to do our best and get them back in the wild as soon as possible.”

Baby Otters at Home in the SeaThe otter is currently in quarantine, but the zoo says they are hoping to have her back in their care by next week.

Baby otter mom’s new home in New YorkThe ottery was born on March 25 and weighed just under 9lbs, according the Ottery Sanctuary, which has also released the baby ottery as a charity fundraiser.

Her mother, who has not been named, said they were excited about the prospect of seeing her again.

“She was born just a couple of weeks ago and we were super excited about that,” Anderson said.

“We had so much hope that we could make her the very first otter we ever captured in captivity.”

Anderson said they had to use a “tent-like” enclosure to hold the baby, which was “just perfect” for the otter.

“It’s such a sweet little thing to have,” she said.

‘The ottering was a blessing for the mother’When she was born, Anderson said she didn’t know how old the ottery would be, but it was a “blessing” for her.

“The otting was a gift to her, a blessing that she could be free and healthy,” she added.

“I have so much love for her and I know she loves being with us.

If there was ever a time for us, she’s the best.

She will definitely have a place in our hearts.”

The Otter Shelter, which also operates a breeding farm in California, says they also plan to release another otter into the wild this year.

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