Which country’s most-watched television series is the most popular?


USA (1.9) 2.

Australia (1) 3.

New Zealand (1.)


United Kingdom (1)(2) 5.

Canada (1.(2) 6.

France (1 (2) 7.

Italy (1 ) 8.

Germany (1 1(2)) 9.

Brazil (1(2) 10.

Spain (1, 2)(2)) 11.

Portugal (1).


Colombia (1 4) 13.

Mexico (1 3)(2)(3) 14.

Argentina (1 5)(3)(3(4)) 15.

Uruguay (1 7)(4) 16.

Philippines (1 8)(5)(5) 17.

United Arab Emirates (1 6)(5(6)) 18.

Mexico, Canada and United Kingdom also watch live sports (4)19.

Ireland watches live sports on free-to-air television (3)20.

Australia and New Zealand also watch football, cricket and other international sporting events (4)(2(3)) 21.

Australia watches most live sports at any time (3)(2, 4) 22.

Australia also watches some free-market news (1 2) 23.

Australia is the only country that has an online streaming service (1), which is the BBC iPlayer (1)–also, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has a website that shows all its news and sports–it’s called ABC News (2).24.

Australia has the lowest percentage of women in its parliament (32 percent)25.

Australia’s highest-rated TV shows are all about family, the family and kids (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)26.

Australia had the highest number of people in jail (9.5)27.

Australia was the only Western nation that was home to a high proportion of refugees (2.2 million)28.

Australia, unlike most Western nations, has no laws banning child marriage or child pornography (1)-it only bans pornography which is indecent or promotes prostitution or a crime (3).29.

Australia does not allow same-sex marriage (2)(4)(5, 6)(7)30.

Australia bans child pornography on its TV channels (3), which means that there are far fewer indecent images of children being shown on Australian TV than there are on Australian websites (2, 3)31.

Australia allows people to be jailed for possessing child pornography under strict rules (1); there are no laws against selling child pornography to children (2), although there are strict laws against trafficking children (3)-in most countries there are laws against child exploitation, child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking in human beings (4).32.

Australia did not prosecute people convicted of child sex abuse in the past (1))–instead, they were handed down to the courts and eventually were fined (3)–also there are some child pornography laws that are very vague (4), such as the Australian laws against obscenity and indecent language and images (5).33.

Australia holds the highest proportion of women aged 20 to 29 in parliament (17.7 percent)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)34.

Australia leads the world in the percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS (21.9 percent)35.

Australia ranked fifth in the world for the number of new HIV infections per 100,000 people (3.7)36.

Australia ranks second to the United Kingdom in the number who have tested positive for the HIV virus (2.(3))37.

Australia recorded the lowest number of deaths among all the countries surveyed (3.(4)(6))(7).38.

Australia maintains the highest per capita income in the OECD (6.5)(7(8))39.

Australia hosts the world’s largest online gambling site, which makes it easy for Australians to bet on online sports games (3(5))40.

Australia supports a large number of foreign trade deals, including the Pacific trade agreement with Vietnam, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the China-Australia Free Trade deal (4(5)), which provides Australia with a large trading bloc (6).41.

Australia joins the World Trade Organization (WTO), which regulates many of the world aces–like China, India, the United States and others–and is the largest WTO member (1; see below for more information).42.

Australia makes up for its lower per capita GDP with high levels of public investment, including infrastructure, education, housing and water resources–all of which are of crucial importance to the country’s economy (4, 5)(6).43.

Australia shares a border with New Zealand, which has a population of approximately 5.5 million people (4.6 million)44.

Australia receives a small percentage of the European Union’s (EU) gross domestic product (GDP) and its population is only about 3.5 percent of the EU’s (6)(3,5)(8).45.

Australia continues


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