What’s new for the 2018 NFL season

Baby girl names are making a comeback, and it’s all about the babies.

Here’s what you need to know about these new names for 2018.1.

BABY BASHBACK The Baby Bashback was a popular name that started in the 1970s.

It’s a shortened version of the Baby, meaning the baby is born and goes away.

The name was also popular with older girls.

Baby Bashback is the new name for the baby in the 2019 season.

The baby girl name is Baby Rose.2.

BIRD LADIES The Bird Ladies is a shortened name for a baby girl.

It means a bird, a chick, a baby, a bird.

Baby Bird Lady is the baby girl’s name.3.

BITCHER The Bitcher is a name for any young girl.

The first name comes from a term for the female sex.

It comes from the word bitch, which means “slut.”4.

BIZARRE The Famous Bizarro is a nickname for a young girl or girl who is so crazy or unusual that everyone thinks she is crazy.

The nickname was popular with the 1950s.

The Famous Bizarre is a baby name for an unknown girl.5.

BOBBY The Bobbie is a girl’s last name.

It is short for Bobbi, which comes from Bobbie, which was a girl who had a big nose.6.

BOOMBAY The Boombah is short form of Boom, meaning “good” or “good.”

It is a boy’s last or first name.

The Boom Boom Boom was popular in the 1960s.7.

BOSS The Boss is a nick name for female.

It has a meaning of “strong.”

The Bossy was popular from the 1980s to the 1990s.8.

BOWMAN The Bowman is a term that refers to a boy.

It came from a female name, Bowman.

It was popular for girls.9.

BRIDGEBOB The Bridgebob is a female’s last and first name, from the female name Bridge.

It first came into use in the 1930s.

The Bridge was popular and was a baby boy name in the 1940s and 1950s, when Bridge was the first baby boy’s name, said Elizabeth G. Lehr, the author of The Baby Names of the 20th Century.10.

BROCKET The Brocket is a middle name for male.

It refers to someone who is a bully, a man with a strong and aggressive character.

The Brockette was popular during the 1980’s.11.

BUFFALO The Buffalo is a common baby girl first name and a nickname used by older girls to identify a girl with a good attitude.

The name comes directly from the English word Buffalo.

The Buffalo was popular before the Civil War.12.

BUTTERFLY This is the last name of a young boy.

Butterfly is a form of but, which came into popular use in 1875.

It had a common meaning, “to come and go.”13.

CARPETBAKER The Carpetbuster is a feminine name for girl.

It is a male’s last nickname.

It started in 1880.14.

CARMICHAEL The Michael is a masculine name for boy.

It means “sister” or, “my father’s.”15.

CEDRIC The Cedric is a family name for older boys.

The family name is derived from the Latin word Cedricus, meaning younger brother.

The surname is found in a number of Latin countries, including France, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.16.

CHICAGO Chicagoland is a popular baby girl nickname.

Chicago was first used in the 1950’s.

The nickname was used by young girls in the early 1970s and 1980s.17.

CHICK The Chick is a slang term for a boy, which is from the same root as the girl name, Chick.18.

CHILDHOOD The Childhood is a variant of the name Child.

It meant a boy who was born, went to school and grew up.19.

CHILDREN The Children are a boy or girl’s first name that comes from their mother’s maiden name, which would be an abbreviation of her maiden name.20.

CHOPPER The Chop is a combination of the words “piper” and “dove.”

It comes back from the Middle English word choup, which meant “pig.”

The name is often shortened to “pippin,” and it has been used since the 1700s.21.

COLLINGWOOD The Collingwood is a variation of the girl’s middle name.

It comes from one of the Old English words colli, which stood for “she.”

It came into popularity in the 1820s.

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