How to name your baby: 5 awesome ideas from Baby Name Generator

If you want to make your own baby name, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for some baby names that are so good, you can’t resist trying them out yourself.1.

Baby Girl – Janna (Nigeria)Baby girl is one of the most commonly used baby names.

It’s a name for girls between the ages of 1 and 10.

Janna is considered a feminine name because it’s a word combining feminine and boy parts.

Jona is the name of a princess who was a daughter of King Jannas father, the god of the sky, the sky god.

Jannak is the Latin word for angel, or the spirit of the world.

Janna is an African name meaning “light-eyed.”2.

Baby Boy – Chico (Mexico)Chico is a Mexican name that means “little one.”

Chico is pronounced as “Chiho.”

Chiho is an indigenous Mexican word that means a little girl.

Chico and Chico are both considered feminine names, meaning girls between 1 and 5 years old.3.

Baby Duck – Michael (US)Michael is the first baby name that was given to a duck.

It was given in 1928 by American scientist William L. Rimmer.

It is a name that sounds like the name Michael and was created by a woman named Mary L. Brown.4.

Baby Chicken – Jason (US, Canada)Jason is the second baby name given to chickens.

It comes from the Latin words “juevos” which means “chicken,” “coyotes” which are birds, and “lechos” meaning “chickens.”5.

Baby Bear – Alex (UK, France)Alex is a female name that is usually associated with young men.

It means “fierce” in Spanish.

Alex is the nickname of a knight who served in the army of Charles V.6.

Baby Cat – Maggie (UK-USA)Glow-in-the-dark, little-girl, blue-eyed and the name that all cat lovers will love.7.

Baby Dog – Puck (US-Canada)Puck is a common name for a dog that is around 10 years old, the oldest known breed of dog in the world, the Great Dane.8.

Baby Bird – Billie (US and Canada)Billie is a beautiful name for an African American bird.

The name Billie comes from a word that literally means “birch tree.”9.

Baby Horse – Chauncey (Canada)Chaunce is a popular name for children born in the year of the horse.

It derives from the word “chaunce” which is a kind of slang word for horse.10.

Baby Rabbit – Tiana (UK and France)Tiana is a rare baby name.

The animal is named after the Greek goddess of justice.

The Latin word is a pun on the word tian, meaning “rabbit.”11.

Baby Unicorn – Lina (Brazil)Lina is a Spanish name for “unicorn.”

It is one the most popular baby names in Latin America.12.

Baby Cow – Anna (US/Canada)Anna is the third most popular name given by a cow, after Puck and Tiana.13.

Baby Elephant – Emma (US only)Emma is one you’re going to love.

It stands for “emmaus” which translates as “greatly beloved.”14.

Baby Deer – Nick (US)-Nick is the fourth most popular child name.

Nick is named for a local legend that has been told in South Carolina, which is known as the “Bridgetown of the South.”15.

Baby Turtle – Jody (US & Canada)Jody is one name that’s easy to pronounce, and easy to learn.

It may be a bit difficult for children, but it’s actually a very good name.16.

Baby Penguin – Katie (US)(US only)(US and UK)Katie is an easy name for the adorable, little brown or blue-eared penguin.17.

Baby Wolf – Jack (US)*(US only)*(Canada and US)Jack is a famous British name for wolves, which means they are larger and faster than other animals.18.

Baby Tiger – Jax (US**)Jax is a great name for one of two tigers that are native to India.

Jax means “white” in Sanskrit.19.

Baby Lion – Ama (US*)Ama is a good name for two lions, and it means “beautiful.”20.

Baby Hippopotamus – Amita (US*)(US and US-Canada)*(UK and Canada)*(Japan)Amita is a very popular name from Japan, and is one that’s commonly used.21.

Baby Dolphin – Alyssa (Canada

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