‘Boomerang’ baby otter is ‘soooooo cute’ after zoo visit

SAN FRANCISCO — A baby otters “boomerang” became an Internet sensation after being found wandering the streets of San Francisco last week.

The otters were spotted by a couple who was on their way home from a trip to the zoo, and then by a concerned passerby who spotted them on a busy intersection, said zoo spokeswoman Katie Zolinski.

When zoo visitors confronted the otters, the otter was able to turn around and hop a curb to escape, Zolinksi said.

It was an unfortunate incident, she said, and the otting otters are being taken care of by the zoo’s staff.

Zolinski said the ottery’s owner was not hurt in the incident.

This isn’t the first time an otter has gone viral.

A dog named “Crazy Joe” had his picture taken with a baby ottery last year.

Last month, an ottery was seen with a child at the California Zoo, which was later taken down from social media.

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